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Tera: Some Thoughts of Class (5)

Tera: Essentially a water-based mage with a lot of water-ish pets. Like octopuses and the likes. Uses abilities like tidal waves, torrents, rogue tides, whirlpools. Lots of pulling opponents closer to a pet or throwing them farther away. We would love to see a giant wave block your vision, as you're pulled into a giant octopus or giant crab.

We would also like to see a general class(tera gold). A class that controls 1-2 "soldiers" (human pets). And he can do melee stuff. A stealthy archer as we said earlier. A wardenish class that has several pets to be summoned on command, in an action orientation, so like, 10 seconds per pet, and could transform into a pet himself. Nothin' like a pack of wolves. If it wasn't for twilight, an occultist would be alright, lycantryish class.

A melee and ranged mix class. So like, a character who has a few spells with longer cool downs. Maybe something of a necromancer appeal. Essentially attacking with a sword while they wait for a big acid bolt type spell to be ready and shooting that. And when that player dies, exploiting corpses could be made possible, like to make a risen corpse or a ritualistic circle. Can summon armor that last a certain amount of time, like, 20 seconds. When this class dies, he can create an evil sacrifice circle that heals everyone around him for half his health.

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