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Tera: Some Thoughts of Class (1)

After looking through this, we had a few thoughts of some classes(buy tera gold) such as:

Spell-Sword in Tera: A half-melee, half-caster type class, able to imbue their weapons with magic causing various melee effects of haste, strength, or CC. At the same time they can tap their weapon's imbued magic enhancement for caster like effects for example: a weapon imbued with lightning allows the user to attack faster, but tapping out the effect allows you to slash out one fast and gigantic burst of lightning through your sword from afar, which results into having to once again re-imbuing your weapon.

Maybe something different like a person with prosthetic body parts. Some of their body parts could be prosthetic and made out of wood and metal, allowing the user to hide weapons within their selves as if they were a weaponized doll. Like their forearms would latch-off and shoot poisonous arrows out. Or maybe they can shoot out their legs and hands which are attached to long chains allowing them to melee the enemy from short to mid-range or even allow their hands to grapple the enemy allowing them to pull them towards their direction or better yet, launches yourself at them.

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