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Tera: Some Suggestions for Merging Skills(2)

Now you may thing that being able to control it all is what makes you a pro. But it isn't, it makes you unconscious of the health riscks of doing so. We will explain, how many of you have experienced headaches after an arena match or a couple of raid bosses? That is because you are giving too much information for your brain to manage, where what you were supposed to be doing was having fun. The issue here is that an headache can do brain damage. No, it's not a joke, it can. An headache that last long enough (days) or repeats it self for a long duration (months) can lead to brain damage on Tera.

If games are ment to have fun, relax, forget about problems, entertain ur self, and so on. We are sure you would not cut an Arm for that, so burning your brain cells that can not be recovered, they should also not be an option. The long text is a little bit too much alarming but some ppl died playing, cutting real life and living the game(tera gold), ignoring the signs that our body give us saying that it is too much already.

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