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Tera Skills Guide for Multi Shot

Tera Multi Shot is the first skill an Archer purchases from the trainer after reaching level two. While other classes are able to hit more enemies with their AoE attack, an Archer can only hit up to four. Once again, this AoE skill is unique from other classes(tera online gold). However, the Archer's Multi Shot hits for a lot more damage. This is also the first skill an Archer receives that utilizes the "lock on" mechanic.

After an Archer selects this skill, they hover their crosshair over four targets to lock on to Tera Gold. The enemies do not need to be next to each other and the Archer does not have to fire until all four have been selected. Once they are, simply click the skill again to fire. This does require a bit of mana is one important thing to note and it is taken from the Archer when the skill is clicked the first time. Keep moving and try not to get interrupted(Tera online Gold).


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