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Tera: Skill Information

No need for 10 thousand animations. But it'd be nice to see a "low" "medium" "high". This does mean more work, but if they want to make this game the best it can be, they will need to include things like this that other games don't offer their players. No one says it needs to be done for release, but personally, we think it would make a nice addition to Tera.

So going back to that forumla, Skill Movement = E (Weight of items) - ((.80)(strength)+(.60)(dexterity)),

Let's say a skill movement from:
20 > skill movement = Low level(buy tera gold).
20-40= medium level.
40+= high level.

There's no way to simply make the character movement change with a formula. For instance incorporate the formula directly into the graphics. Skill movement equal to x, means your character stands 75% upright. This would help cut back on the animations that would need to be created, while still incorporating this feature into the game. Additionally, we are clueless when it comes to creating games, and initially didn't realize it would mean making all those additionally graphics.

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