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Tera Focus Group Test

This thread is about whether or not it is desirable to allow players to complete objectives without requiring a balance of damage in Tera, healing and tanking. We claim that it is not, and that skill, or lack thereof, has nothing to do with it. If you don't need healers or tanks, you do not need them at all. Healers are not the fastest archetype to level, and neither are tanks. Lancers look downright boring to level, even for tanks. They're slow-moving and they have ridiculously heavy-looking lances but no horses.

If they are balanced around being either healing or absorbing damage(Tera Gold), and you do not need that functionality to succeed, why would you bring them at all? Why would anyone bother leveling(tera online gold) them? It's counter-productive. If you only need damage, you bring classes that are damage dealers, not classes that do a little damage. There are always lots of damage dealers, because they're the most fun to play(Tera online Gold).

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