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Tera Class Guide for Skill(5)

Tera-Mystic: 4 Skills

1. Elemental Shot (Direct)
Power: 16.1
Cast Time: 0.6s
Cooldown: 0.5s
MP: 3
Shoots a magic ball forward. A magic ball flies by 10m, giving a damage to targets on hit.

2. Essence Leach - Imbibe (AOE, Direct)
Cast Time: 1.0s
MP: 32
Takes HP from nearby targets within 6m, reserving it as spiritual essence. The amount of HP(buy tera gold) absorbed is proportional to the duration the button is pressed.

3. Flash Shot (AOE, Direct)
Power: 100.0
Cast Time: 0.6s
Cooldown: 15.0s
Shoots a flash shot forward. A flash shot flies by 20m, exploding at the maximum range or on hit, causing targets stunned for 3s.

4. Curtain of Retribution (AOE, Direct)
Power: 33.2
Cast Time: 0.4s
Cooldown: 2.5s
MP: 10
Forms a temporary fan-shaped magic barrier forward, damaging nearby targets.

So, Mystics have one extra skill that deals damage. Both classes deal only direct damage (no true DOTs, though Essence Leech does "tick" away while active), with Mystics getting one extra AOE. This overall seems relatively even, though Mystics would pull ahead in overall damage as Flash Shot is also a ranged CC and Essence Leech is a large AOE.

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