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Tera Class Guide for Skill(17)

Mystic: 9

1. Binding Shot.
Cast Time: 1.0s.
Cooldown: 7.0s.
MP in Tera: 35.
Shoots a magic ball forward. A magic ball flies by 20m, decreasing movement speed of target on hit by 90% for 6s.

2. Flash Shot
Power: 100.0.
Cast Time: 0.6s.
Cooldown: 15.0s.
Shoots a flash shot forward. A flash shot flies by 20m, exploding at the maximum range or on hit, causing targets stunned for 3s.

3. Mana Boost
Cast Time: 5.0s.
Cooldown: 20.0s.
Restores MP(tera gold) for 10 each 1s over 20s. Regeneration cancels when you use another skill or item, or when you are hit during regeneration.

4. Purifying Shot
Cast Time: 0.5s.
Cooldown: 1.0s.
MP: 10.
Shoots a purifying shot that instantly removes all harmful effects from 1 group members within 15m. Locks on targets with cross hair after pressing skill button, shoots after pressing skill button again.

5. Resurrect
Cast Time: 2.5s.
MP: 100.
Resurrects 1 nearest dead party members in 3m to the forward.

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