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Tera Class Guide for Skill(1)

We are lacking in skill because we prefer a minimalistic approach. We feel, given the opportunity, a player can do just as much, just as effectively with fewer skills. Give a player a basic, minimal yet effectively diverse arsenal. It would force players to use the skills available to them wisely while also enhancing combat by allowing a player to rely more on movement, positioning, and tactics. It is in our opinion that in a no target, action based game too many skills will take away from the real action to be had with a combat system like Tera's. 

We have always been a fan of the less is more attitude and one of our worries for Tera is yet another mmo with 6 full hotbars, more if you are talking about casters. What we would love to see is a arsenal of skills that are useful yet versitile, minimal yet all define that particular class(tera gold), quality vs quantity. We would much rather focus on the combat at hand with legitimate skills than have to siphon through 1 of 10 attack, 1 of 5 cc's, 1 of 13 buffs and debuffs, and 1 of 7 heals. In a game like Tera that will depend so much on movement, strat, and tactics it would be a pity to overwhelm players with useless skills and take away from the action.

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