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One Dominant Guild in Tera (3)

Tera: Unless there are safe guards in place to keep this from happening be prepared for this games political system and economy to be run by a select few characters. Not players. When someone gets tired of the game(Tera Gold) or just can't play anymore, due to RL life issues like his mom breaking up with him and kicking him out of the house that character will then be passed on to someone else in the guild to keep the power "in-house". We really hope BH has thought this through but only time will tell.

Concern's not the right word but it's the first one that comes to mind. In reality we don't care one way or the other. We have no desire to play king or anything else. Our play-style is more of a soldier-type than leader-type TBH. We are just curious how everyone else feels about it. Maybe we are alone in thinking that one group in total domination is a bad thing.

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