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New Classes Add in Tera(1)

Moreover, Brian mentioned something about Lancers tanking bosses and rangers having to stay behind their shields to DPS and so on. But what about the other 3 melee classes in Tera. They have to keep DPS'ing the boss. We can see from a lot of the gameplays that bosses do a lot of AoE damage, mostly the swings. Is that why all 3 of them can tank? Because a rogue wouldn't be abel to handle the damage dealt by the boss.

Not sure about adding, there are too many melees, we suggest taking away either Slayer or Berseker, or combine the two. And the current warrior(tera gold) is pretty much a rogue. We suggest turning warrior into a rogue aka proper Melee DPS. Currently, there are 4 tanks that's just too many. We really look forward to raiding. But having so many melees is going to be a hassle, especially the implementation of the hit boxes. We like the hit boxes idea but if a boss is overcrowded with melees, assuming the raids will be 10man+, we're going to see some melees not being able to reach the boss.

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