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Make Skills Develop in Tera

Most of your so-called attention to the game is to have not disclosed the information. We can only at this stage, most of them guess. For a view that this is an exciting time there is a lot of unknown things of Tera, you can dream and speculate, not only concerned about working conditions. Not that many online games we have stumbled across so far. It have revealed that mutch information on every single game mechanics because it will awlays be people who does not understand everything untill they tried it for themself.

People do draw their own conclussion(Tera Gold), getting missleading information, reading angry forum posts that is filled with lies leading to that to mutch information builds up a picture of the game that is faulse. We agree with you, only one class(tera online gold), each type of weapon is abit boring, but when we think about it, it seems more realistic grasp only one type of class. The only 2 classes that resembels eachother is Slayer and Berserker but if you read up on the little information there is about them you would realise they actually are different. Very different(Tera online Gold).


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