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Magic Skills in Tera

Magic skills is increasing, but not fully open CBT3. The number of basic skills was also small, placed in accordance with the perspective of fighting changes do not improve. Changes in accordance with the growing role of the balance of skills can be used to increase the monster AI to fully correspond to the skills in order to achieve enhanced fighting fun alone Tera.

In addition to strengthening the SOLO does not affect the team battle fought in the balance, to consider increasing the employment of other special skills. High-level post in the center of the PVP to the battlefield should expect a lot of players, so for PVP can increase the effective use of skills is also planned.

To stop leveling the full class will raise the level of growth, and in order to obtain more powerful equipment we will give a copy of Raiders players and field preparation of traditional Content elite monster. Can be called Tera's unique full-level(tera gold) political is a system after the content. Warriors will be formed to honor and interests of the Army and each other to mainland rule of fierce competition. Details of the political system in the future other times by special seats more clear solution.

With the increase of development time, the new clothing will also be a substantial increase, combined into the color effect. Therefore in addition to equipment outside the Planning Department form a more diversified. Equipment each time the turn came to realize that their equipment will significantly change, so compared with CBT3 not only the number of appearance in the equipment will be greatly increased.

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