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How to play Tera

Appointed to your left mouse button by default in Tera, Combo Attack is the most main warrior skill. At each click, the warrior slashes forward with their swords, each consecustive movement increasing finish the damage by the next swing up to four times. Each hit also reback a tip of the warrior's mana.

Rushing Dodge is a key defensive skill in warrior combat. Assigned to your 'c' key by default, the warrior is able to dodge an incoming attack by leaping forward. The skill costs a small amount of mana and has no cooldown.
Blustering Strike of game(Tera gold)

At level 2, Blustering attackment is one of the first high damage attacks a warrior earns. After a cast time of 1 second, the warrior moves forward with a flurry of consecutive, hard hitting attacks. To be used most effectively, the warrior is advised to wait for a moment where their enemy will not be able to interrupt them while the attack is casted.

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