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Tera News


Tera: Points for PvP

Tera: So several recent interviews have suggested that points will be given for PvP in Battlegrounds. Whatever these points will be called, they will be applied to either exclusive gear purchases, gui..


Tera Class Guide for Skill(13)

4. Sanctuary of Rage in Tera.Cast Time: 0.5s.Cooldown: 2.0s.MP: 60.Gives an effect of enhancing the crit stat of party members within a 20m radius, including the caster, by 100%. MP continuously decre..


Something About Damage in Tera(2)

If you encounter around to balance, to avoid the impact of the damage and status effects indefinitely, that means that every encounter will be a kite-fest and you do not even need melee DPS; ranged cl..


Tera: Some Thoughts of Class (1)

After looking through this, we had a few thoughts of some classes(buy tera gold) such as:Spell-Sword in Tera: A half-melee, half-caster type class, able to imbue their weapons with magic causing vario..


The Class Guide to Tera (2)

Warrior of Tera the number one damage dealers for single targets. Damage can throw fast, but when it involves a group of monsters, they will not kill them as fast. Also need to try out how their tanki..


Tera Skills Guide for Penetrating Shot(2)

Tera Penetrating Shot V.Cooldown: 5.0s.MP: 35.A power charged skill. Fires a penetrating shot forward. An arrow gives a penetrating damage to maximum of 1 targets, up to 15m in range. An arrow is fire..


Tera Class Guide for Skill(17)

Mystic: 9Quote:1. Binding Shot.Cast Time: 1.0s.Cooldown: 7.0s.MP in Tera: 35.Shoots a magic ball forward. A magic ball flies by 20m, decreasing movement speed of target on hit by 90% for 6s.2. Flash S..


Tera Guide for Race/Class(3)

Tera: Also, we realize that our first argument is silly when there are Popori who can do what we have seen already. We have to admit, we do not understand these creatures at all. Ultimately, we imagin..


Tera Class Guide for Skill(1)

We are lacking in skill because we prefer a minimalistic approach. We feel, given the opportunity, a player can do just as much, just as effectively with fewer skills. Give a player a basic, minimal y..


Tera Class Guide for Skill(16)

6. Camp ReturnMP on Tera: 75Teleports all nearby party members within 20 m, including the caster, to the nearest camp.7. Peer SummonMP: 75Teleports all party members wihtin the province next to the ca..