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The Velika Guardian: Issue 57

We join the battle in earnest. We're fighting in close quarters, and Tuebenius has a couple of bodyguards we have to dispatch first. Amareth stands back and plinks them from afar while I get in and try to use my strongest attacks. Flatten works out well, knocking Tuebenius down long enough for us to shave off a good deal of his health. After that, taking him out is fairly easy, leaving us free to search his camp for the stolen goods. Too bad there's no way to add these directly to our inventories…


I guess a federation officer should stay honorable. The missing merchandise is spread throughout this camp and a couple of smaller camps nearby, so we grab as much as possible before heading out, just in case any devans wonder what happened to their leader and give us trouble.


My first lance was a fragmenting chunk (Tera Gold)of lumber that was unfit for firewood before the first argon invasion, and my first shield was a crumbling cowhide stretched over a warped frame, and strapped onto my left arm with two lengths of light mooring line. Splinters and blisters were my constant companions for the first two weeks of training. And those were the places that felt good, because trying to hold up a weapon two meters longer than I was while aiming it at one or another head of an oncoming cromos (then inevitably forgetting to put my shield up against counterattacks) meant I was bruised, bitten, and beaten to a pulp when I fell onto my cot every night. The priesthood was starting to look genuinely attractive(Tera online Gold).

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