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The Skill Guide

On the other hand, if class balance over rules skill then a group of friends playing the classes(tera gold). As none of them liked the idea of rolling a tank, they enjoy most not being able to play together. No matter how skiled the healer is, how quick the melee are and how much fire the casters throw at the mob, the fact that he hits like a 10 tonne truck means you simply need a tank.

For raid content this is all well and good in Tera, but for small time content its pretty frustrating. A group of players should not be impeded because some lousy mechanic prevents them from completing a boss. Fighting on the balance of skills that the party would work better. Only skilled players should be as limited sky, but why they would want a lancer. Well maybe one of the players likes the idea of being a meat shield(Tera Gold).

A game with a combat system like this is crying out for skill to beat the maths. For a group of slayers to take on an instance, we do not think it should be easy. You want skill to over rule maths, so it should be hard, very hard. We just had a tank and healer for this. But if you want that kinda challenge, it should be there for you to take(Tera online Gold).


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