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the Prince of Persia series

TERA introduces the concept of "knocking down", which means that one can be knocked down after repeated and heavy strikes. The attacker can still attack the foe having been knocked down. To dodge, players can only rely on their own control.Perform a somersault to avoid the opponent's attacks.

6 Races and 8 Classes

Till now, 6 races and 8 playable classes have been made available in TERA. After all, they can be summarized under 4 categories: Warrior, Mage, Assassin and Long-distance class.
Here, I won't introduce the classes one by one. I will only tell something about the features of each class.

Warrior: Rage. Similar to the warriors in WoW, TERA's warriors can gain Tera Gold and apply various skills only when they're attacking opponents.
Mage: MP, i.e. Mana Point.
Assassin: Energy, which will recover automatically. Only the assassins having energy can use various special skills, which is quite similar to the requirements set in the skill system of rogues in Tera.


TERA applies the control mode of keyboard + mouse. Specifically, WSAD controls moves, while the mouse controls the visual angle and other keys & shortcut keys control the attacks. Long-distance classes like mages are also endowed with "aim point", which make players feel like they're playing CS in a third-person viewpoint.

Players can also use the Tera online Gold +Tera online Gold mouse to control the warriors and feel like they're playing the Prince of Persia series.


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