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The 3rd CBT Details of Tera

In the Tera third CBT, new characters including female Humans and male Castanics and new NPCs will debut. In addition, male High Elves and female Poporis will appear in villages and serve as quest NPCs. Bluehole Studio revealed that the new characters' costumes have been finished and will be released gradually, but won't be accessible in this test.
Besides,swimming will also be available. Also 68 more skills will be added. In the second CBT, no mater how deep the water was, players had to walk through or jump over it. Now characters can swim. Corresponding motions will be provided according to terrain features in the Tera Gold game.
Meanwhile, New characters will debut and new movements will be added. Some changes have also been made on characters' movements. Originally, there was no jump motion in TERA gold, so players might feel a little bored while moving. Based on comments and opinions from testers, TERA developers have added the jump motion to the game, thus players will be more likely to enjoy moving, but they are unable to attack while jumping. And climbing will be added, which is opposite from the horizontal movement. In real-time instances, players couldn't see farther before, but now they can climb upward to do that. Specifically, players can grasp a tree trunk or vine to climb to the top. With the help of climbing, players can see farther as well as enjoy a variety of movements in real-time instances(Tera online Gold).

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