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Tera: The Build for Archers

We have got a level(Tera Gold) 30 bow/swordshield dual mastery going. using fire and lightning. Just using bow for leveling as a heavy intellect build we get nasty arrows consistantly. If we get into some pk or jobbing that we can break out the sword shield which is our planned skill. So we are using 24 sos +3 bow and 24 sos +3 sword.

We have got fire, lighting, Tera Gold , pach and bich 25 right now and we are planning on leaving cold alone, erasing it a bit unless by some means they make it usefull. Other than that we were planning on 60 pach, 70bich, 70 light, 70 fire, 30 cold. Unless before we hit 4x they put new skills out in which case we will see. we love pk'ing with sword shield but man leveling with it is slow as molassas without nukes.

When we get the nukes and farm up another 20k or so we will see some. Our leveling plan is gapping each new skill we want, so we will gap 1-2-3-4-5 and so forth until we get 32(Tera online Gold), when we get new sword and then level up to 30 skills for the nukes, then gap again for a bit till we get the skills we want.


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