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Tera Tank Guide

Due to the fact that many of the skills earned early on are upgraded in subsequent levels of Tera, rendering them much more potent. As the archer progresses through levels, a noticeable increase in damage output is quite clear. Added to the archer's armory in the higher levels are several skills that no archer would ever want to do without. Penetrating Shot, earned at level 12, is a charged shot that deals linear damage to multiple mobs. This can hit numerous mobs and has a high rate of knockback on reap mobs when lined up properly.

Penetrating shot uses significantly less mana(Tera Gold), compared to a few other skills at your disposal, but is more difficult to pull off while being chased, and is not as efficient for initiating combat as Multi-shot or Focused shot. They key to using it is putting some distance between yourself and the largest concentration of targets is right, then waiting for them to line up as they come after you. Just like all of the skills though, having damaged the mobs some first is the best way to make this skill useful, otherwise mobs will be left at 1 hp(Tera online Gold).



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