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Tera: Some Thoughts of Class(2)

We would like to see a debuffer class on Tera. We are talking mass curses such as -30% outgoing damage in a 30 yard radius, lasts 10 seconds in PVP, has a 1 minute cooldown. Lasts 1 minute 30 seconds in PVE. Damage over time effects such as a medium area effect that puts a debuff on you, ticking for health every few seconds and lasting 2 minutes or until removed.
Maybe counterbalance it with a paladin, the melee class that comes as shield and sword and trades significant melee damage for light healing and support skills. Think -30% incoming damage for a 30 yard radius, similar to the above but much more defensive based. Have this class(Tera Gold) do things like removing warlock curses. Healing skills are reactive on melee skills. Just an idea, we really enjoy the buffing and debuffing elements of traditional MMO's.

Not only that, if you just took control over your minion and left urself alone doing nothing wouldnt it just b better to play a class similar that of your minion. if your minion was a fast melee DPS wouldnt it be better to just be a warrior on Tera, or slayer, and if it was just a way to channel spells.
it seems like a good idea but it has too many flaws, unless you could improve on it then it would be too weak compared to the other classes(tera gold), we only find it useful in an RP server, and even then it could still cause problems, cause if you watch the videos of dungeon runs the mobs respwan pretty quick if your summoner is sitting there casting a mob could(Tera online Gold).

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