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Tera: Some Thoughts of Class


Tera: Armor - Clothing (perhaps light armor)
Weapon - Skull - to be or not to be (or perhaps Scythe)
Damage Dealing - Physical (Bones), Multiple Minions (Skeletons)
Resources - Mana, Health, or both. Additionally, some spells use Bone Dust (or unused corpses) as reagent.

Death Pact
Minions would be created from a corpse or by using up Bone Dust and would place a strain on your power, reducing your personal damage(buy Tera Gold) dealing and/or applying some mana degeneration.
The amount of Minions & the penalty would be managed through a Death Pact gauge, wich could look somewhat like this.
- The 10% would represent the penalty, here is your maximum Death Pact capacity, and whatever are lit/filled are the used up capacity.
So if each used up Death Pact applies a 5% damage penalty, having 2 minions of Death Pact cost 1 would apply a 10% damage penalty to you.
Specializations, Glyphs and whatnot may change the penalties or increase the maximum Death Pact, and so on.
- All minions would be skeletal and and each minion would occupy at least 1 Death Pact unit.
- Each Death Pact unit would weaken the Necromancer's personal fighting power (so you could focus on a minionless Necromancer, or a Minion Master)
- Everything about the minions would be bone, including weapons and projectiles.

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