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TERA's Korean launch

Bluehole Studio completed a record-breaking MMO beta test in Korea. Tera was literally everywhere, from billboards to bus-stop advertisements to filling screens in cybercafes across the country. Some of our En Masse team were on-hand to experience the excitement-be sure to read about it on our blog. Two weeks later, on January 25th, Bluehole finished the process of bringing TERA to their eager audience with a hugely successful, official game launch.

After hearty congratulations to our colleagues at Bluehole, we here at En Masse went right back to work. After all, our North American audience is champing at the bit to see Tera Gold, and it's our job to bring it to you!

There is a plethora of screenshots, YouTube videos, and forum posts featuring TERA's Korean launch, and we couldn't be happier interest is at a fever pitch. In those videos, you can see the results of feedback from our Focus Group Tests in the game client-from Achievements to controller support to a myriad of game mechanics adjustments. We continue to focus on delivering an incredible game for our audience.

Next month, we're going to host our first game event this year-a Community Play Event to show how Tera online Gold has evolved and where it is now. We have brought back everyone who participated in previous tests, and also invited those who have provided thoughtful and constructive feedback within our community (and our contest winners from previous months!)


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