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Tera: PvP and Mount Informations (1)

Today has the released a new Preview of Tera. They also released a few new informations regarding pvp and mounts. We translated both chapters with the new informations:

PvP and Battlegrounds

Besides the political controversies will TERA feature PvP content. Regarding this we could get some informations about battlegrounds. There are open as well as closed battlegrounds. Those are comparable with those of World of Warcraft. But there is one major Difference: The leader of a battleground group has special skills at disposal and is able to conduct strategic maneuvers. Harns Kim said that they got their inspiration from the game Battlefield.

In pvp you earn points, which can be invested into special items, you cant buy with in-game gold. The points earned can also be spent to your guild, which allows the community to level(cheap Tera Gold) up. However, the guilds do not only gain points through pvp activities. Another possibility are repeatable quests–which means laborious task. At given time we will get further details regarding pvp and guilds. Although the character statistics doesnt decide alone about victory or defeat, will the gear alter the strength of your character. The gear has 5 different tiers of quality: normal, magic, rare, unique and legendary.

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