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Tera: Points for PvP(6)

Tera: So several recent interviews have suggested that points will be given for PvP in Battlegrounds. Whatever these points will be called, they will be applied to either exclusive gear purchases, guild prestige, and/or application to the political system. Those interviews also suggest that no points will be given for open-world PvP. lots of raging going on about this in other threads, so we thought it deserved it's own dedicated thread with a clear title. You can buy tera gold here.

Personally, we think it's a good idea to only give points for Battlegrounds. For several reasons:

1. Battlegrounds are the only place the developers can ensure even sides.
2. Points for  Tera Gold   OW-PvP would only encourage point farming, fight-clubbing, ganking, griefing, lowbie hunting, pad camping, and zerging, just general ass-hattery.

If you are a true pvper, you want to win based on skill, not based on who brought the bigger zerg. Plus, battlegrounds are supposed to be cross-server, and now official confirmation of no IP-blocking, so they should be hopping at all times. Basically, lots of places where it says that points will be awarded for pvp, lots of places where it says that point will be awarded for battleground pvp(Tera online Gold).


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