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Tera Online DOTB 5th Report

Tera Online Dark Awakening Destruction of the Beasts 5th report is finally here! I wasn't able to play Tera Online much last week due to unforeseen circumstances, I will try my best to update weekly in the future. I hope you're ready to feast your eyes on some of crazy looking bosses featured in this report. If you're the type that doesn't really enjoy reading, then head on over to the SteparuTV Channel to view all of the new 1080p videos. 
I've never done any of the end game dungeons in the latest Tera Gold patch so my friend decided to drag me along with them to the easy version of Maze Instance Dungeon. It was my first time fighting most of these bosses, so you will see a lot of messages/whispers from my friend Rabbit. She was nice enough to walk me through most of the bosses as we ploughed through em, most of the fights are straight forward and easy. Anyway, there two modes for all of the end game dungeons Easy and Hard. This boss was pretty cool, it reminded me a bit of Transformers since it turned into a little spaceship every now and then. It also shot random mini lasers all over the floor Gundam Style! The only scary thing that you have to keep in mind during this boss fight is the orange text that pops up in the middle of the screen. During the time that text appears, the boss will charge up a special move that is very deadly. After the skills goes off, and you're outside of the boss's radius range then you will net you an instant death, if you're close to the boss then you're safe!


Most of the Maze videos featured in this report are from the same run, so you'll find the same players. I built my lancer super attack speed in most of the videos in this report, which isn't so good for tanking, there were times when I lost aggro. As much as I love attack speed, I had to reset my weapon using seal and unseal scrolls. I figured it would have been more important to get options for my weapon that increased my aggro. This fight would have been more exciting if the boss flew for longer periods of time. This boss doesn't really do anything special other than spewing out blue and red pools that does damage over time when you stand on top of it. It's a good idea to move the boss every time you see this happen, so that your party members can hit the boss without drowning themselves in a pool of blood.


Poking golems is a good way to earn money, but solo'ing it is very dangerous. It's not the golem that you should be scared of, it's the players in the region. There are times when the area you are in is a PvP enabled zone, so you should be careful when you decide to solo giant elites on your own. You won't see me get PK'ed in this video, but there are times when I get gank'ed while farming. There was a time when I got a giant elite golem as low as 10% then a group of three players drove by and killed me, so troll.


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