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TERA Hit by a Face-lift Storm!

What does the word "face-lift" mean? It means that you can live a more confident life and make more friends. Actually, things are the same in games, e.g. Korea-based NHN's hot online game TERA recently offered a face-lift service to tickle players' curiosity about face-lifts.

TERA held an event to enable players to pre-order four kinds of premium services including face-lifts (appearance adjustment), which aroused crowds of players' attention. NHN even took the opportunity to provide players with time-limited face-lift vouchers free of charge, in the hope of letting players enjoy the face-lifting fun in advance(Tera online Gold).

As face-lift vouchers expired on June 29, lots of players shared their face-lifted characters' confident smiles on the game's official site that day. Such a bustling scene heatedly discussed among players in a sense indicates that this premium service will make an extraordinary stir after being open to players comprehensively today(Tera Gold).


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