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Tera Guide for Race/Class

Tera: Also, we realize that our first argument is silly when there are Popori who can do what we have seen already. We have to admit, we do not understand these creatures at all. Ultimately, we imagine it comes down to development costs.

Those of you who have played other MMOs may have noticed that when playing a particular race/class(Tera Gold), the appearance is different than that of other classes of the same race, e.g. a fighter looking physically stronger than a mage.

So it stands to reason, that a Baraka Warrior might look different than the Baraka we have seen so far, after all, we humans come in many shapes/sizes. But from what we have seen thus far, it doesn't seem like there are going to be unique character models for every race/build combination, as making them (along with the unique animations/armor/etc. Tera online Gold It would take a great effort beyond balancing what is possible already.


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