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Tera Guide for High Level Skills and Gameplay

Tera: Most of the time this brings small minions close to death and the caster can either use Fireball and finish each mob single handily or cast Ice Needle to create a piercing damage killing most of the enemies.

A sorcerer must keep his distance from the enemy at all costs(Tera online Gold). Flame Column might be a very useful tool but only recommended to use on enemies with a very low health, it is a perfect skill to finish off an enemy who remains alive after the sorcerer's main attack wave. Backstep will play a major role in the sorcerer's survivability, it would be very wise to shortcut this skill on a key with quick accessibility.

As many of us know, the sorcerer is nothing without its mana, luckily Mana Boost grants the sorcerer a brilliant ability to restore its mana during and/or after a fight. Tera Gold  Most sorcerers will cast this skill on a tactical moment in order to keep their mana pool in top shape.


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