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TERA : Gameplay Postmortem

On the topic of gear, items, and gold aquisition, En Masse will be adding additional and more diverse (both visually and statistically) equipment items per level, in response to player feedback. As for gold, at least when it comes to FGT2 feedback En Masse got the idea that they got things "just right," however testers did caution that this may not be true for a live game economy. Coming as no surprise, FGT2 feedback included tons of class balance feedback. Class balance is a long standing issue for just about every MMO out there.

The developers will be responding to the class balance feedback in order to create distinct party roles while allowing each class the ability to solo(Tera Gold). The warrior and sorcerer classes were most popular in FGT2, though race favorites were a bit more diverse, however it's important to note that race and class choices were also limited for the test, and En Masse says they will be opening up customization options in future tests. Tera online Gold You can read the full gameplay postmortem here. En Masse will be releasing two additional postmortem articles, one focused on the game's Westernization, and the other on the technology being used in TERA.


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