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TERA Fan Questions Answered Part 1

Some fan questions were answered today on the TERA forums from one of the games producers. Nothing shocking was revealed, but there were a few interesting facts and we’ve gathered for you below.

When asked about guild and player housing, En Masse stated that both are being considered however due to conflicts with other city buildings, housing might not make launch. If it does, it will be guild housing first, then player. “Putting something unpolished in game can create incomplete content that satisfies no one“.

When asked about whether armor will show wear and tear or physical damage, the answer was a resounding no. However other in-game customizations have been implemented so a player can change the appearance of their characters.

The only other interesting questions that we actually answered are listed below. There were some questions about skill balancing, lore, the guild leveling system and emotes, but there answers answered nothing, so I didn’t bother adding them to this article. If you want to check out the full list of questions and answers click the link at the start of this post.


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