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Race career of Tera

Castanic Kasdalli of Tera, Have goat horn shape of the race, his family suffered many years oppressed, but not to give up looking for opportunities to rise , as the race of life, although the small size, but it has enormous power and can not imagine high speed in game(Tera gold).

Tera is a large-scale multiplayer online roleplaying game(Tera gold) in which you fight to protect the valkyon federation.It is breathtaking, with great photo that fully immerse players in its varied environments. relate that with an exciting new attack system that afford fast-paced, intense battles and join characters of all level, and you've got a method for the best MMO experience to date. Craft the finest gear, form a group with your allies, conquer a world filled with treacherous monsters, and maneuver your way to the pinnacle of power on your server in Tera!

TERA offers a unique and game experience, one where players and guilds vie for control of the Federation. Gods slumber and demons scheme in a world,the unity needs brave heroes to take the duty of leadershio. Martial power and arcane might,but you can join the ranks of heroes and save the world of the game.

Baraka Baraka, descendants of the ancient giants, seems simple and bulky appearance, can make good use of the wisdom of their ancestors to get from the earth element spell power. The Race of Popoli protector forest itself with pro-and civet-like personality and lovely appearance, looks heavy but also the flexibility to raise ax wielding long-term coexistence with the forest to make Popoli family master natural elements force.

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