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Player Skill and Party Composition

We think encounters should be designed with the intent of flexible and inventive ways of dealing with mobs, without having to exploit bugs or such things like that. The reason being is that PvE with the holy trinity is very cut and dry, guy sits at mobs balls ready to gag while dps come from behind and the healer has the camera.

Maybe in epic large raids having lancers(Tera Gold) draw the attention of the boss while melee dps jump on its back, casters go nuts behind the wall of steel keeping everyone safe. The trinity has its place there, but it's very common in MMO's and we think Tera is really trying to break the mold with its combat system.

Kiting or universal dodging is one thing, not every boss is a melee monster, how do you deal with caster bosses then. Get a debuff on you that drains your life, but allows you to attack, reflect the damage(Tera online Gold) back at the boss which makes up the majority of the damage and the debuff hops from player to player. Then after 3 hits, the boss is disorientated and is open to tank and spank mechanics and then returns back to tennis mechanics or changes again where it begins to do sweeping strikes.


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