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Pegasus Express Tackles Castanics(2)

Q: Do amani talk to castanic characters with more respect than the other races (since they broke the "unbreakable" bond)?

A: The amani and castanics are very close. The amani ethos is similar in many ways to that of the castanics, and the two races share a zeal for life that exceeds that of the other races. Not to say there aren't squabbles or enemies among them, but if an aman saw both a castanic and a human hanging from a cliff by their fingertips, the castanic would likely be rescued first.

Q: How exactly DID the other races forgive them for helping to kill Balder(Tera Gold)? Judging by the lore, it seems like that was kind of a big deal to the other races…

A: It was a big deal indeed. Balder was beloved. The castanics claim they were duped by Ishara. Ishara has not been seen for some time, so who knows? In any case, there were several decades of persecution, but most of that was set aside when these horrifying blue and black creatures crawled out of the ground in northern Shara...

Q: What is the reach of a castanic, and how is it compared to the reach of a baraka or popori?

A: Typically, their reach extends to the end of their arms.

Q: Why do female castanics have such big hands and especially palms?

A: The better to slap the living crap out of others(Tera online Gold).

Q: Seeing how majority of the castanics despise gods, is the sect of castanics that follow the amani goddess Kaia discriminated by their own kind?

A: While the clan as a whole has rejected religion ("Gods are nothing but trouble!"), they're also highly individualistic. A castanic who chooses to worship a god might have to endure barbs and wisecracks, but it wouldn't be worse than that. Some may follow Kaia (or another god) individually, but there are no sects within the clan.


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