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More Big Ass Monsters

En Masse Entertainment, the company behind the upcoming action MMO, TERA, brings gamers an early look at visuals bringing the game's action to life. Whether players face off against the cannibalistic gulas or battle Azarel's juggernauts, they'll see how vivid art matches the pulse-pounding action of TERA.

Two more of TERA's distinctive "Big Ass Monsters" get the spotlight this month, and they're more than just frightening faces. Because TERA is an action game through and through, the monsters' tactics matter just as much as their abilities. Once players get good at TERA, they'll know how to anticipate the gula's body-slam and Tera Gold sidestep the fireballs that a juggernaut throws. All that action is a great way to explore the world of Tera online Gold, of course, and that's why TERA's quest system brings action and mystery together in one exciting package.

More Big Ass Monsters
TERA is a dangerous place full of creatures that eat their prey, but only the gulas go so far as to cook their enemies first. Many kinds of gulas inhabit the world of TERA, but they all share one characteristic: they're part cannibal, part gourmet. Whether players encounter gula pirates lurking on the outskirts of Cutthroat Harbor or gula slavers in the Hungry Caverns, one thing's for sure: they don't want to wind up in a gula's stew-pot(Tera Gold)!


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