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Info about PVP

Tera: Most of us are familiar with Rock Paper Scissors. Rock beats scissors, beats paper, beats rock. Game balance often has a Rock Paper scissors format. Something like Tank>DPS>Heals>Tank or something along those lines depending on what game you are playing. Its always been implied that for game balance, a class must be strong against some, and weak to others. But what if we could have every class be equal on a 1evel1 playing field, and it is on the multi-team playing field where different combinations synergize differently.

In RPS(Tera Gold) mechanics we always assume that there is only one choice. If you choose rock, you cannot be paper or scissors as well. If you choose paper, you cannot be rock or scissors. If you choose scissors you cannot choose rock or paper. However have you ever thought of the possibility of being Paper and Rock? Rock and Scissors? or even Paper and Tera Gold scissors? This opens up a firld of balance where everything is equal. So imagine a world where you can choose 2 of 3, here are the possibilities. RP vs PS = R counters S but S counters P. Each has both a weakness and a strength against the other that is neither lesser nor greater than the other(Tera online Gold).


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