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High Elf race and Priest class

As the world of TERA draws ever closer, more information is uncovered about the mysterious High Elf race and Priest class. The High Elves, a deeply spiritual and ambitious race from the great city of Allemantheia, will look to restore their civilization to its former glory. While the Priest class is set to bring a new and unique twist to the battlefield, promising to break the mould of every MMO before it.

Policing system - A territory task force of NPCs who can enforce the laws put in place. If a Tera Gold player breaks the laws then the NPCs actually imprison the players.


In order to stay in power a Vanarch must maintain a certain level of policy points. Periodically a vote will be taken in order to see if the player currently the Vanarch is to remain as such. If the player is an unpopular Vanark and they wish to remain in power they must embark on Vanarch quests to kill certain world bosses in oder to keep their policy points high(Tera online Gold).


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