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Gods of TERA

En Masse Entertainment has partnered with to bring our readers the best TERA lore pieces penned by the game's writers. Today's story, "Gods of TERA", is penned by TERA writers Scott James Magner and Brian Campbell. It's another terrific peek at the story behind the game, one that you won't want to miss.
We live in an Age of Mortals. The world of Tera Gold belongs to the humans, high elves, amani, baraka, castanics, elins, and poporis—though their civilization is a tenuous thing. The time of the gods has passed, but some still walk the world in a diminished state. A few gods—Velik, Kaia, and Mystel, for example—still aid the races they’ve adopted, despite having only a fraction of their former power. Others, like Thulsa, Akasha, and Ishara, scheme from the world’s secret places, trying to regain the divine majesty that was once theirs.

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