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Farm Level 38 Legendary Items in TERA

NHN's TERA recently suffered a big bug before it officially goes into commercial service, which made players question and worry about this game.

According to understanding, the bug was that the ultimate boss "Akarlos" in the dungeon "Heretics' Hideout" could revive endlessly under certain circumstances. As the highest-level legendary items could be obtained by defeating it, the game was flooded with Level 38 legendary items for a time.

Normally, Akarlos can only be challenged once every hour, but thanks to this bug, players could vanquish it repeatedly about every 5 minutes. In this way, players could gain various advanced items easily instead of wasting much time in travelling back and forth.

In view of this bug, a lot of players worried that some people might earn ill-gotten money by taking advantage of this bug, and more than 1,000 threads were posted up on the game's official site with a request for fixing this bug. Consequently, Tera Gold the official company performed server maintenance.

However, some players expressed their strong discontent, for the official company neither fixed the bug in time nor released any related announcements. Later, a relevant officer stated that they would deal with the players who obtained items through this bug as soon as possible.

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