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En Masse Entertainment Details Big Ass Monsters and Achievements in TERA 2

Size Does Matter - Meet TERA 's BAMs
If there's one thing TERA has in spades, it's BAMs - that is, Big-Ass Monsters. When we say big-ass monster, we don't just mean extra hit points. These monsters are bigger than a house, tougher than an armored car, and meaner than a dentist with a grudge. As players wear them down, these BAMS will go through different phases with unique attacks challenging players to adjust their strategy. One of these phases is called "enrage" where the monster will show they are irate and then deal unpredictable and devastating damage. Cutting a BAM down to size is the moment you'll be telling your friends about the next day.


Gamers at last month's Game Developers' Conference faced off against the Soulcrusher - a big, bad rock monster that delivers big, bad hits. And there's the Giant Gladiator, which lives up to its name in both stature and strength. Get into a fight with one, and you'll discover that it's just as tough and mean as it is huge. Stay tuned for more BAMs, coming soon!


Achievements in TERA
In an action game like TERA Gold , there isn't always time to rest on your laurels. There's always another monster to fight and another territory to make safe for the Valkyon Federation. But TERA's players do amazing things, and our achievement system acts like a spotlight, giving you the honor and prestige you deserve.


In TERA, you'll earn achievements no matter which parts of the game you prefer. Story, monsters, player-vs-player combat, economics, and politics all earn you achievements to help you keep track of the great deeds you've done - and to give you something to shoot for. Many of the achievements come with titles like "Savior of Velika" or "Gutrend Conqueror" that display under your character's name, so all your friends can see what you've accomplished, too!

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