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Dark Cathedral Gameplay Trailer

In contrast with the past years, it can be said that more new games are presented this year, and that online games with different themes also inject new life into the game market that used to be led by FPS games and MMOs.

TERA, which's developed by Bluehole Studio and published by NHN, should be said as the most anticipated project in the first half of 2011.

Tera Gold, which kicked off its OBT this January, presents the audience with a glorious and realistic fantasy world thanks to Unreal Engine 3. Putting emphasis on actions, this game secured the top positions of various charts in a flash, from which we can see how much it was anticipated by players.

However, on account of insufficient content, inconvenient systems, substantial bugs and class imbalance, TERA made players increasingly displeased. Fortunately, it showed a vigorous look again as "Destruction of the Beasts" was made open recently.

As TERA is well received in the areas like Europe and Tera online Gold, its export to the overseas markets is thought highly of.


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