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Characters Introduction about Tera

First of a pair of major question-and-answer sessions with Tera fansites this past week, Tera Hispano asked more than twenty questions of En Masse Entertainment's Chief Operations Officer Pat Wyatt and Producer Sam Kim. Subjects ranged from game security to feature development and included two questions specific to the Spanish community. Here is a sample question:

Tera Hispano: We've read a lot about your point of view about MMOs security. Let's talk about this first. Gold farmers and game-fraudsters earn about 1-10 billon dollars annually. With Tera in the eyes of a lot of people and growing. We think you should know Tera will be focused by these "cybercriminals". Are you conscious of this(Tera Gold)?

Pat Wyatt: We're very much aware of the problems caused by cybercriminals in other online games(tera online gold); given the enormous amount of money that they can generate by gold farming and stealing game accounts, then selling game gold for real-world money, it's no surprise that they're already looking into Tera. While their interest does validate the growing excitement for our game, we know that online crime is a critically important problem to solve, and that we have to do much more than other game publishers have done in the past. Players have already seen that simply pulling out the "ban-hammer", as publishers have done for many other Tera online Gold games, is an ineffective solution.

We have a lot of work to do to ensure that our game has a high-quality play environment free from chatspam, account theft, purchase fraud, phishing, scamming, and all the other nasty behaviors that criminals use to make money. We don't have these mechanisms in place yet, because we've been focused on creating an excellent gameplay experience first. That said we know it is a critical area for us to innovate before we launch to ensure that gamers have a great experience playing Tera to improve level(Tera Powerleveling). Just so no one gets alarmed by that statement, we won't be using GameGuard or its ilk.


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