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2nd Closed Beta New Contents

Only 8-hour game content was released for the 1st closed beta test while more than 20-hour content is prepared for the 2nd test. With the opening of three continents in the 2nd test, players are able to fight against various monsters in eight battlefields. Also, more playable classes are available. The game Tera Gold has also undergone a great change on other aspects after getting feedbacks from the first closed beta test.

First of all, in the 2nd closed beta test, monsters' HP and damage value will be displayed and the game interface will become more visual(Tera Gold). Besides, the distance between a character and a monster will be indicated below the central "cross hair" when Tera Gold players are in a distant perspective.

In addition, compared with the first closed beta test, the item description and inventory introduction are improved, the positions of quest monsters are marked in the map, and the chat option is classified in the 2nd test. The level-up speed is also adjusted and the sense of development is enhanced(Tera online Gold). Meanwhile, character Tera Goldcustomization options have tripled when creating a character and even more will be added in the future. At the time of open beta test, the game will possess stronger character customization system.


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